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WJEC-endorsed editions of our
best-selling student books

Endorsed by WJEC as providing high quality support for students studying for the Level 3 Diploma, these updated new editions of our two best-selling Criminology student books provide everything your students need for success.

We have worked closely with WJEC to ensure that our new editions incorporate all the latest changes to the exam question formats and the controlled assessment requirements.

The contents are carefully mapped to the WJEC specification and cover all the assessment criteria in full, so that you can be sure your students are covering exactly what they need to.

Key features of our new editions

WJEC exam questions with detailed guidance on tackling them – plus top band student answers on selected questions and topics

Advice on how to prepare for the controlled assessments and the external exams

Up-to-date content including the latest statistics and relevant policy developments

Case studies, scenarios and questions to stimulate reflection and discussion

Student activities on every topic for individual and group work

Accessible to the whole ability range with clear explanations pitched at just the right level

Attractive, full-colour design and engaging photos that stimulate interest

Written by highly experienced authors, teachers and examiners.

WJEC endorsement guarantees your students have comprehensive, high quality support that you can trust.

Free support with our resource package

Our books come with a free web-based resource package for the whole Diploma course, including:

Free schemes of work to help you plan

Free online activities and workbooks to strengthen students’ engagement with their textbooks, consolidate their knowledge and develop their skills. The workbooks and activities provide a sound structure for students’ remote and flipped learning.

Book 1 Look inside
Book 2 Look inside

New editions of our eBooks

New editions of our Criminology eBooks are also available now.

Your school or college can now buy eBook departmental or library licences for all our Criminology and Sociology student books, so your students can access them anywhere, 24/7.

For more information on our eBooks and how to order, click here.

Teachers’ reviews

“The Napier Press books have been absolutely key in getting the Criminology Applied Diploma set up at our college. Without the clear guidance through the topic areas and controlled assessment and exam pointers, the start-up of the course would have been much more difficult. The course has been a great success and we now have ten groups in Y12 and six in Y13, totalling over 360 students.

Each unit is set out very clearly under headings and is very easy for the students to navigate around. The level of detail allows for easy differentiation and also means the content is accessible to students of all abilities.

The books, alongside the scheme of work, take a lot of the pressure and time consumption off planning. This along with the student workbooks gives teachers more time to produce their own resources to fit with what has already usefully been provided by the authors. This is particularly useful if a teacher is new to the subject!

The online activities allow students to consolidate their learning of the topic areas and help teachers to check students’ understanding of the topics. Students really like the textbooks and how clearly things are set out; they particularly like the practice exam questions.

I would highly recommend the textbooks to any school or college who are delivering the WJEC Applied Diploma in Criminology.”

Sarah Wickham, Head of Criminology, Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College, Leeds
 “The content mirrors the specification so as a teacher you know you are covering everything required for the assessment.

Clear layout with easy-to-follow headings, accessible language and useful examples and case studies. This is especially useful, as on an applied course examples are key and must be included to access the top mark bands.

The online student workbooks and activities are excellent for flipped learning. This has been particularly useful for remote learning – students reading and answering questions prior to delivery creates a deeper level of understanding. They can also be used to consolidate knowledge after delivery. At our college we use a ‘teach, task, test’ approach, so the online activities are fantastic for the task element and really help embed the knowledge.

The textbooks are accessible to all students, stretching and challenging those with higher ability but at the same time providing a base of knowledge for the weaker learners.

During the summer we purchased the online, eBook versions of the textbooks with access via the VLE, which has been a godsend for our 160 students throughout the pandemic.

The controlled assessment and exam preparation sections at the end of every Assessment Criterion/Topic are extremely useful. We use them as a framework to ensure the students hit the necessary criteria to maximise the marks available. The feedback from the students is that they feel well prepared for the assessments after following this process.

Overall, the books are a fantastic resource from a teaching, planning and delivery perspective and mostly importantly from a student perspective. If you are planning to offer Criminology, then ensure you use these textbooks!”

Catherine Manock, Head of Criminology, Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College, Stockport